Watercolors by Yen Yen • Empty Mirror

My work is an imaginary world that starts from my obsession with food, especially sweets. Growing up in Taiwan, I remember going to supermarkets and bakeries with my parents and longing for all the colorful and eye-catching sweets and buttery pastries. I find it curious that even they don’t always taste as good as they look, I still desire for them. As a response to this emotional conflict, I make drawings, paintings, and sculptures to explore the ideas of obsession, sensation, and the relationship between natural and artificial.

Besides the obsession of sweets, clouds, mushrooms, and raindrops have also been recurring subjects in my work. Like the sweets, their round and curvy contours have always given me a sense of freedom that they can become anything. On the other hand, their presences are like human lives – temporary and ever-changing. Through anthropomorphizing these motifs or turning them into different things with my imagination, I hope to remember these fleeting moments in life, whether they are sweet or bitter; clear or ambiguous.

Yen Yen - Secret Talk watercolorSecret Talk

Yen Yen - Rainbow Stacks watercolorRainbow Stacks

Yen Yen - More Than Just a Slice of Cake - watercolorMore Than Just a Slice of Cake

Yen Yen - Dripping Face watercolorDripping Face

About Yen Yen

Yen Yen (b. 1992, Taipei, Taiwan) is a Brooklyn-based artist. Last year, she graduated from Pratt Institute with an M.F.A. in Painting and Drawing after receiving her Bachelor’s in Education from the University of Taipei.

Yen Yen has participated in a number of group exhibitions at spaces including The Hole Gallery, New York, NY; Visual AIDS, New York, NY; Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Brooklyn, NY; Prince Street Gallery, New York, NY; Space 776 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY ; and The Cluster Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. She has been a resident artist at Chinatown Soup Studio since early 2019. Visit yenyenchou.com and Instagram @yenyenflamingoo.

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