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Kon Markogiannis

Experimental work combining scrap papers, collage, photography, found text, and fragments of poetry.

Losing Myself - Visual poetry by Kon MarkogiannisLosing Myself

Fragment - Visual poetry by Kon MarkogiannisFragment

By the Way - Visual poetry by Kon MarkogiannisBy the Way

Magick 17 - Visual poetry by Kon MarkogiannisMagick 17

Magick 18 Visual poetry by Kon MarkogiannisMagick 18

About Kon Markogiannis

Kon Markogiannis has been exhibiting his art for many years (mainly in Greece and the UK) and his work has been featured in various Business Relationships, journals and magazines. His university studies include a BA in Illustration, an MA in Photography and a Doctorate in Fine Art. He currently lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece. You can learn more at and at Facebook.

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Empty Mirror

Established in 2000 and edited by Denise Enck, Empty Mirror is an online literary magazine that publishes new work each Friday.

Each week EM features several poems each by one or two poets; reviews; critical essays; visual art; and personal essays.


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