Two poems by German Dario • Empty Mirror

fragrance / credit: emfragrance / credit: em


the border is not
a lava vein
the wind
will tell you that

a pencil line
crisp white paper
when used to divide

the border is

a butterfly’s torso

a wave’s dance
as it folds into itself
to begin anew

seeds and scent
come and go

la migra

looks on

on the threshold of a dream

a child
puts the sky
into a cup
and frees

oxeye daisies
for first

About German Dario

German Dario resides in Tempe, Arizona with his wife, two sons, two dogs, and sometimes a fish. Recently published in Good Works Review, Into The Void, The Friday Influence, Right Hand Pointing, The New Verse News, The Acentos Review, and The American Journal of Poetry.

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