Two poems by Constance Schultz • Empty Mirror

Steamboat Rock © Steven Pavlov /, via Wikimedia CommonsSteamboat Rock / © Steven Pavlov

on the beach at steamboat rock thinking

too deep of the stars
& lake & columbia

flowing below all
her strength extra hot

today we forget
again the coldest

part of winter
forget when painting

for people who have
never been & all

the things loved
most are painted in

a search & find between
letters obvious between

escarpments between blue
blue blue skies w/red

sunsets & dry desert
grounds & storms thought

can be imagined
from miles away

in the lake

how old are
& do you

they will remember
us a spark when
we are swirled
up stars

About Constance Schultz

Constance Schultz and her family live and hike by Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State. Her writing is greatly influenced by Carl Sandburg, Emily Dickinson, and Langston Hughes.

Ms. Schultz has work in the Calamus Journal, Figroot Press, Verdancies, Jenny Mag, Stonecoast Review Literary Magazine and the Spokane County Library Anthology.

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