three poems by Michael Lehman • Empty Mirror

boundary road / credit: emboundary / credit: em

The Sky Above Fickle Hill in January

Rain reaching over the ridge
from a dark ocean

Salmonbellied sea crud hides
the slenderest moon

The Sky Above Fickle Hill in June

Edge of sunrise
in redwood tips

On the ridgetop ragged shapes
of life being

Mist reaching up
where water flows

Moon and scribble cloud lit
by colors of the earth and coast

After Solstice

A raven’s shadow
slicing yellowing grass
from a turning sky

Sun lowering down
to blackberry sweetness

About Michael Lehman

Michael Lehman changes as inexorably as a cloud. His writing has recently appeared in Camas and Penny magazines, and in The Citron Review. You can find him on Twitter @somechampion.

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