Three collages by Alicia Cole • Empty Mirror

An entirely self-taught artist, Alicia Cole works in collage, drawing, fabric/embroidery, mixed media, works on canvas, and sculpture. While many of her drawings, paintings, mixed media, collage works, and works on canvas were created in hospitals, mental health centers, or homeless shelters, documenting hospitalization, mental health, and the shelter system, this body of collage, these particular works unpublished, was commissioned by the Science Fiction Poetry Association for their Ruby Year of 2018. These works challenge societal, gender, and racial parity.

Challenged by the limitations of supplies in the hospital and shelter systems, she limited her materials to office supplies or what could be used in a classroom, save for advancing to archival paper, until she was accepted into InsideOut Studio at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment in January of 2019, a studio for disabled adults. She still prefers these materials.

Title goes up the side - collage by Alicia ColeTitle goes up the side

Building Blocks - collage by Alicia ColeBuilding Blocks

All aboard - collage by Alicia ColeAll aboard

About Alicia Cole

Alicia Cole is a writer in Huntsville, AL. The editor of Priestess & Hierophant Press, her work has appeared in Reckoning, Glass, and NILVX, among other publications. She’s Irish-American, bisexual, genderfluid, twice-exceptional (2E): dyscalculic/highly gifted verbal, Asperger’s, MAD, a survivor, and alt-spiritual; she uses she/her, and the honorific Mr. With her: a husband, two aquarium plants, six animals, tattoos, and art. You can find more of her at,, @AColeWrites, and

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