This Audiobook Company Benefits Your Local Indie Bookstore

This Audiobook Company Benefits Your Local Indie Bookstore
November 19, 2018Book Love1 Comment Jenna Homen

Are you hopelessly addicted to audiobooks? Well, we have good news for you.

Seattle-based company allows you to buy audiobooks directly through your local bookstore. Yes, you read that right—you get to choose exactly which bookstore you want to support. Investing in your community while filling your ears with the sweet sounds of the latest bestseller? Sounds like a victory to us.

The forward-thinking company allows you to keep money within your local economy, create local jobs, and enjoy the benefits of why we all shop at indies to begin with—to get great reading recommendations from the folks who live and breathe all things literary.

While we love a tangible, physical book, there is no doubting the convenience that audiobooks grant. (I personally love listening to them while doing the dishes, folding laundry, or during any sort of mundane activity that I can transform into a moment of self care.)

Often touted as being not as beneficial as reading, audiobooks actually have a litany of positive effects—especially for children. Check out the infographic below from the Audio Publishers Association:

How Audio Promotes Literacy

As we enter the holiday season, delayed flights, terrible traffic, long lines, trains, buses, and ferry rides might be in your future. Consider loading up on some audiobooks (weightless!) for the ride—especially if you have kids.

Browse some of our top kids Business Relationships available as audiobooks on here, and explore beyond for your next favorite book!

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