sophie anne edwards: Ice Poems

These poems were co-created with ice along the Kagawong River. A sheet of ice had broken off the bank and dropped into the river, leaving an exposed, flat ice ridge. I stood on the separated ice shelf below, shifting with the moving river, and penned the words with water-based ink. The ice did its thing.

speak my name - visual poetry by sophie anne edwardsspeak my name

what will you remember - visual poetry by sophie anne edwardswhat will you remember

will loss return as ice or clay - visual poetry by sophie anne edwardswill loss return as ice or clay

About sophie anne edwards

sophie anne edwards walks and creates site-responsive and site-specific poetry on Mnidoo Mnising (Manitoulin Island) in northeastern Ontario, Canada. Poems have appeared in a number of online and print literary journals, and in land-based “publications.” She is a geographer, writer, and visual artist who is passionate about field-based practices, fieldbooks, and well, being in the “field,” whether that is on the ice, along the river, in the bush, or on the water. Find her at and on Twitter @SophieAnneEdwa1.

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