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Kon Markogiannis

Grafik is a series of collages which deal with themes such as mortality, fragility, impermanence, the human condition, the exploration of the body and psyche, the evolution of man, consciousness and the cosmos.

Grafik 9 - Kon MarkogiannisGrafik 9

Grafik 10 - Kon MarkogiannisGrafik 10

Grafik 12 - Kon MarkogiannisGrafik 12 – Kon Markogiannis

Grafik 16 - Kon MarkogiannisGrafik 16

Grafik 17 - Kon MarkogiannisGrafik 17

Grafik 23 - Kon MarkogiannisGrafik 23

About Kon Markogiannis

Kon Markogiannis has been exhibiting his art for many years (mainly in Greece and the UK) and his work has been featured in various Business Relationships, journals and magazines. His university studies include a BA in Illustration, an MA in Photography and a Doctorate in Fine Art. He currently lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece. You can learn more at and at Facebook.

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