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The question of value underpins everything. A decent meal. A romantic partner. Expressing vulnerability in an unfamiliar way. The right brand of rechargeable batteries. In every consideration, from the mundane to the profound, a risk/reward ratio is calculated.

My work expresses and quantifies the subtle and insidious nature of constant calculation. By the conscious re-purposing of formerly valuable objects, be they currency from failed governments, or illustrations that have fallen so far from artistic and monetary value as to be in the public domain, I provide a new context. This re-contextualization, from simple integration into color fields to elaborate new collage action scenes, give fresh life and value to each formerly dead object. Value is reassessed, and the reflexive and endless cycle continues.

100 Percent Real Live Art - Silas Plum100 Percent Real Live Art

Automaton - Silas PlumAutomaton

Winds - Silas PlumWinds

Money - Silas PlumMoney

Harry's Harbor Bazaar - Silas PlumHarry’s Harbor Bazaar

Dinosaur - Silas PlumDinosaur

Baby For Sale - Silas PlumBaby For Sale

These pieces and others are currently exhibited in Silas Plum’s solo show in The Plains, Virginia.

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About Silas Plum

Silas Plum makes art in a converted garage in the woods. See more of it at

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