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Kelly Schaub

circular reference - mixed media collage by Kelly Schaubcircular reference
DNA of America mixed media collage by Kelly Schaubdna of America mixed media collage by Kelly Schaub

history of flamenco - mixed media collage by Kelly Schaubhistory of flamenco

in the game - mixed media collage by Kelly Schaubin the game

rebuilding - mixed media collage by Kelly Schaubrebuilding

shadow dance - mixed media collage by Kelly Schaubshadow dance

shadows and light - mixed media collage by Kelly Schaubshadows and light

freeze frame - mixed media collage by Kelly Schaubfreeze frame

the opposite of isolation - mixed media collage by Kelly Schaubthe opposite of isolation

About Kelly Schaub

A theatre artist and administrator for over 25 years, Kelly Schaub now lives full-time in a vintage RV. After a lifetime in the snowy midwest, Schaub now lives 4 blocks from the south Texas coast. With a focus on mixed media collage, she works primarily with vintage ephemera and hand-painted papers. Find more of her work at and follow @powonwheels on Instagram.

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