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Empty Mirror contributor Kenneth Pobo has published two new poetry collections this past month.

The Antlantis Hit Parade

Prose poems. From the publisher: “A delightful collection of unique personalities, perhaps generations of family or the inhabitants of a small town beset by the vagaries of love, loneliness, and growing older. This book entices you into its nostalgic world from the first page.”

Available now from Clare Songbirds Publishing House

Dindi Expecting Snow

“Reading in order the poems in Kenneth Pobo’s Dindi Expecting Snow is like piecing together the puzzled, complicated life of a young person from her humble origins in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to her emerging realization into an Everywoman. Out-of-place Dindi, introspective, faintly disturbing and, at times, downright funny, mirrors the conflicted American that is housed, in part, within each of us today. Pobo’s poetic sequence offers a life that may well be the unspoken drama for many at the beginnings of this twenty-first century.” — Terry Savoie, Reading Sunday

Available now from Duck Lake Business Relationships

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