Mixed-Media Work by Michelle Firment Reid • Empty Mirror

A multidisciplinary artist, I choose the medium I feel best conveys my concept and intent. I express my emotions as a visual narrative open to interpretation; not at all fixed, but with the desire to impress onto the viewer to have his or her own personal connection and inference. Inspired by nature, personal experience, and science, I am interested in the connection of humankind and nature’s elements.

In my paintings I convey thought through asemic writing, a wordless open form of writing allowing the viewer to hover in a state between reflecting on their own interpretation while simultaneously seeing the work. Throughout my installation and sculpture works I am interested in the emotional and sensual qualities of the materials I use more than I am in their formal qualities. I feel thought and language is a part of the atmosphere around us — released into air and formed into the material world.

I am highly committed to the art process and enjoy taking risks experimenting with a range of mediums and materials. All of my best ideas come out of process, out of the work itself.

Ahh You Ahh Freedom Bliss (detail) - Michelle Firment ReidAhh You Ahh Freedom Bliss

Above It All - Michelle Firment ReidAbove It All

Insulated Dreams - Michelle Firment ReidInsulated Dreams

Love Notes Along The Horizon - Michelle Firment ReidLove Notes Along The Horizon

The Space In Our Togetherness - Michelle Firment ReidThe Space in Our Togetherness

Where Passion Grows - Michelle Firment ReidWhere Passion Grows

Sun Felt - Michelle Firment ReidSun Felt

Release Thought Notes 9 - Michelle Firment ReidRelease Thought Notes 9

Onward - Michelle Firment ReidOnward

Rhythm of Stillness - Michelle Firment ReidRhythm of Stillness

Swarm - Michelle Firment ReidSwarm

About Michelle Firment Reid

Born in Pennsylvania with a Slovak American heritage, Michelle Firment Reid’s childhood was spent residing in Bucharest, Romania, The Philippines, and Paris, France, returning to the United States to reside to a Virginia suburb skirting Washington, D.C., where she received her BFA at The Corcoran College of Art & Design (1991). Reid resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has been working full time as an artist for the past 25 years. She continues to visit Europe, these days Stockholm, Sweden. for inspiration and reflection. MFReidart.com

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