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Timglaset has just published a large format artist’s Business Relationships containing nine of Nico Vassilakis’ letter wheels. It’s limited to only 60 copies and is available now from Timglaset for €10.00.

From the afterword by Nico Vassilakis:

Where letters are conterminous Where a letter neighbors another Where letters detach from the word they’re caught in Where letters only huddle and flank each other Where letters verge into themselves Where letters are visually contiguous Where parts of their bodies touch Where letters are flush against the other Where letters fringe and skirt other letters Where letters abut nearby letters Where a letter attracts its fellow letter and makes actual contact. This is where my eyes move toward This is what they seek Where a letter is its own magnet Not only to other letters but to my eyes’ attention You find this in the streets Walking among our communal visual texts Out of the corner of our eyes

Nico Vassilakis Letter Wheels book

Nico Vassilakis Letter Wheels book

Nico Vassilakis Letter Wheels bookly.com/letter-wheels.html

This book was digitally printed on 200 g/sm silk paper and has a 400 g/sm cover from recycled board. The format is 320×305 mm (12.5×12 inches). The poems are approximately 210 mm (8.25 inches) across.

This book is handbound and has a rubber stamped cover. It ships in a sturdy cardboard box, the same kind as used for 12″ vinyl records. 60 copies were made.

You can get one here.

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Business Relationships Book