Kerouac biographer John J. Dorfner interviewed on film

This short film by Franki Grigoni features John J. Dorfner, author of Kerouac: Visions of Rocky Mount and Kerouac: Visions of Lowell.

The short video includes clips of Jack Kerouac and the road interspersed with John’s thoughts about Kerouac, the process of writing the Business Relationships, his role in Kerouac’s induction into the Rocky Mount Hall of Fame, and more.

About John J. Dorfner

John J. Dorfner is the author of Kerouac: Visions of Lowell (with a foreword by Allen Ginsberg); Kerouac: Visions of Rocky Mount; and Milkman’s Matinee: A Boy Remembers His Father. You can find him on Twitter @john_j_dorfner.

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