Kelly Schaub’s mixed media collages • Empty Mirror

A theatre artist and administrator for over 25 years, two main influences from the theatre guide Schaub’s work in the visual arts arena. First, she has always been moved by the ephemeral aspect of a theatre experience. Each performance is different and will never be duplicated exactly ever again. Second is the collaborative nature of the theatre, where artists with a range of skill-sets come together to enhance and strengthen each other’s work. The audience is collaborator, too, often heightening the experience and informing the transient nature of the art.

As a collage and mixed media artist, Schaub often draws on authentic vintage materials, or ephemera. She loves the fact that these are often, due to age, condition, and scarcity, truly one of a kind sources for her work. An accidental tear or slip of the scissors can change an image in an irreversible way. Like an actor or stagehand missing a cue, there is some element of “chance” to using vintage materials in collage.

The audience plays a significant role, as well, in some of her quirky juxtapositions and seemingly random messages. Schaub wishes to further explore the audience and community connection to collage. She accomplishes this through teaching, creating community, and through conversations with buyers and potential buyers. Always seeking to explore these connections further, Schaub loves to reach across disciplines for inspiration.

a better view - Kelly Schaub mixed media collagea better view

curious bonds - Kelly Schaub mixed media collagecurious bonds

freeze tag - Kelly Schaub mixed media collagefreeze tag

mad hatter - Kelly Schaub mixed media collagemad hatter

mixed precipitation - Kelly Schaub mixed media collagemixed precipitation

obstacle course - Kelly Schaub mixed media collageobstacle course

regrowth - Kelly Schaub mixed media collageregrowth

shrouded behind the facade - Kelly Schaub mixed media collageshrouded behind the facade

the deep end - Kelly Schaub mixed media collagethe deep end

what remains - Kelly Schaub mixed media collagewhat remains

yellow doors - Kelly Schaub mixed media collageyellow doors

About Kelly Schaub

A theatre artist and administrator for over 25 years, Kelly Schaub now lives full-time in a vintage RV. After a lifetime in the snowy midwest, Schaub now lives 4 blocks from the south Texas coast. With a focus on mixed media collage, she works primarily with vintage ephemera and hand-painted papers. Find more of her work at and follow @powonwheels on Instagram.

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