Jared Feldschreiber’s debut novella, Reckless Abandon, published

Reckless Abandon novella by Jared Feldschreiber

Empty Mirror contributor Jared Feldschreiber‘s debut novella, Reckless Abandon, has just been published.

Reckless Abandon depicts John Duggan, an up-and-coming playwright who learns of the toil of assembling a “dream project” set in New York City during the summer of 1984. The time period and milieu are central to the protagonist’s journey, as are the real – and imagined – players Duggan interacts with, all affecting the honing of his craft. Reckless Abandon relies on the historiography of New York City as a vehicle for the narrative.

Much of the story pays homage to the art of writing, from the Beat Generation through the seminal figures of the literary journalism tradition in the United States. It is not a coming-of-age story of a budding playwright, but speaks to the need of valuing the type of “spontaneous bop prosody” Kerouac and others manifested within their art. “Writers write,” said Burroughs, and the literary scene is explored in a most defining way within Feldschreiber’s novella.

The author spent endless days for research to authentically re-create what it would have been like experientially in New York City in 1984, and to come into one’s own.

Reckless Abandon is available at Amazon as a paperback or in Kindle format.

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