Gregory Corso – The Gold Standard record release

Unrequited Records to celebrate the record release of

Saturday, August 10, 2019 at 7pm
The Beat Museum – 540 Broadway at Columbus in North Beach, San Francisco

Gregory Corso - The Gold Standard LP, Unrequited Records

The Gold Standard was compiled from the recently discovered Scrivani Tapes.

George Scrivani, Corso’s longtime friend and editor, traveled with Gregory in the late 1970s throughout Europe. Having cut his bootlegging chops at diverse Operas in Europe, Scrivani recorded Corso at various readings, interviews and events. This included an impromptu lecture Corso gave at the JFK Institute, in Berlin, on the genealogy of the Beat Generation.

Upon returning stateside, Scrivani continued to record Corso in San Francisco, in the 1980s, at locations such as S.F. Art Institute, New College, and the illustrious Keystone Korner.

The Keystone Korner tapes include a phenomenal reading with Allen Ginsberg in 1980. The two had not read together in San Francisco since 1956. Acclaimed jazz musician Jaki Byard, on piano, joins Corso for two extended poems.

To bring the event full circle, local legend & saxophonist Phil Deal, also featured on the record, will be in the house setting the tone for the evening.

The event will feature a conversation, regarding the stories behind the recordings, between George Scrivani and Unrequited Records founder Tate Swindell. We will intersperse the conversation with tracks from the album.

This a vinyl only release with no digital version! Limited edition of 250 – heayweight gold colored vinyl & full color insert! You can order a copy of the LP at Unrequited Records.

Hope to see you there!

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