g emil reutter’s new poetry collection, Stale Bread and Coffee, published

Stale Bread and Coffee: Poems by g emil reutter
Alien Buddha Press has just published Empty Mirror contributor g emil reutter‘s newest collection of poetry, Stale Bread and Coffee. Published on April 9, it’s 66 pages and is available for purchase here.

“The colloquial voice of g emil reutter rises from the valley, circles back through years of close observation with a steady eye. There’s nothing trumped up in these poems, nothing inflated into transcendence. Here life is as it is for the line worker, the waitress, the cop, the perp or the barroom guys. These are the common folk who live in the service alleys of any Camelot, sketched in a subdued cadence whose unadornment honors their lives and does not weary of seeing their glimmer through the tarnish.” – Poet J.C. Todd – What Space This Body

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