Four poems for Empty Mirror by rob mclennan • Empty Mirror

off five-forty-two / credit: emoff five-forty-two / credit: em


However quick, language still takes time

to adapt. Beautiful things, to wit: the colour
of a spring balm, a tongue. The amplification

of syntax. What have you.


His hospital years: the median
of my father’s temperament. A memorial

of day’s events: Mythbusters, Dr. K’s
Exotic Animal ER, or the Smithsonian Channel,
multiple documentaries around Hitler,

and World War I trains. His days reduce
to a single floor: this radius of twenty feet,

and wheelchair jaunt up the lane
to the mailbox.


It follows
that one speaks: the curl

of good will, vanished

from origins. Lament. I like
this universe. What shines

is the appeal.


Oh, humanity. The season finale
is upon us.

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rob mclennan currently lives in Ottawa, where he is home full-time with the two wee girls he shares with Christine McNair. The author of more than thirty trade Business Relationships of poetry, fiction and non-fiction, his most recent poetry titles include A halt, which is empty (Mansfield Press, 2019), Life Sentence, (Spuyten Duyvil, 2019) and Household items (Salmon Poetry, 2019). He spent the 2007-8 academic year in Edmonton as writer-in-residence at the University of Alberta, and regularly posts reviews, essays, interviews, and other notices at

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