ego is dead. Visual poetry by Nico Vassilakis • Empty Mirror

About Nico Vassilakis

Nico Vassilakis is a visual poet who engages with letters and typeface structures as his primary material. His visual poems—jazzy anatomies of the alphabet, landscapes of typographic sprawl—playfully muddy the distinction between line and sign. Vassilakis is also active as a curator and anthologist of visual poetry. He edited a regular feature on visual poetry for Coldfront Magazine and, along with Crag Hill, edited THE LAST VISPO: A Visual Poetry Anthology 1998–2008. Vassilakis defines contemporary visual poetry as “the predilection for fidgeters of text to have letters be unmoored from their word source, so as to consider even the singular letter or portions of that letter as the material of expression.” His website is

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