Certain People by Lita Kenyon

Lita Kenyon’s mixed media pieces offer hints at humanity translated through persistent, abstract shapes. Living and working in Tacoma, WA near Seattle, collage and drawing is a search for form and how to make forms with an element of surprise becalming the inexplicable, urgent and awkward.

With a keen interest in process, particularly the process of exploring the space between intuition and conscious realization in her paintings, Lita is focused on shape, line, and composition. The continuous stream of decisions while making a mixed media piece include reconfiguring unrelated elements, starting with some faint thread from previous work; memory is at play; she tries to drive her subjects towards hinting at human conflicts or acceptance.

Lita starts the collage drawings based on women wrestler documentation from mid-century. Using simple line work, balancing the line with the white space helps to energize the compositions. Her mixed media work is composed on smooth Bristol paper which helps energize the elements. The paintings are executed in either acrylic or oil on canvas.

All these Sensations - Lita KenyonAll these Sensations
Certain People - Lita KenyonCertain People

Early Arm PunishmentEarly Arm Punishment

Knee Deep - Lita KenyonKnee Deep

Organized Ride - Lita KenyonOrganized Ride

Say When - Lita KenyonSay When

Tight Relationship - Lita KenyonTight Relationship

With Changes being made - Lita KenyonWith Changes being made

About Lita Kenyon

In the late 1970s Lita Kenyon first attended art school studying drawing, painting, and printmaking at Columbia College, Columbia, Missouri (1980) and Northern Illinois University (1982). Today, working primarily in collage and painting, she is drawn to subjects about socially transmitted beliefs, widely repeated cultural themes and mores. Inspired by mid-century commodity culture, and wrestler imagery, her work focuses on narratives evolving as Business Relationships from these resources unfold.

You can find more of Lita’s work on her website litakenyonart.com, and Instagram.

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