Beatnik: Collages by Rebeka Elizegi

The series focuses on the Beat Generation as a cultural phenomenon, more specifically in the women poets who participated in the movement and who historically have had less visibility than their male colleagues. It is a tribute to those women poets, who have remained in the shadow in the history of literature. Beatnik is the derogatory term with which the conservative American society nicknamed the poets of the so-called Beat Generation, and therefore is the title of this series.

When asked why there were no women poets in the so-called Beat Generation, Gregory Corso responded: “There were women, they were there, I knew them, their families locked them up in mental hospitals. Someday someone will write about them.”

Each piece is inspired by the poems and lives of these eight authors: Lenore Kandel, Diane Di Prima, Mary Norbert Körte, Denise Levertov, Hettie Jones, Carolyn Cassady, Anne Waldman, and Elise Cowen.

The full series is composed of 8 pieces. Traditional collage made by hand with material found without retouching or digital redimensions. Size: 65×95 cm

BEATNIK 1 - Rebeka Elizegi collageBeatnik 1

BEATNIK 2 - Rebeka Elizegi collageBeatnik 2

BEATNIK 3 - Rebeka Elizegi collageBEATNIK 3 - Rebeka Elizegi collageBeatnik 3

BEATNIK 4 - Rebeka Elizegi collageBeatnik 4

Rebeka Elizegi’s Beatnik collages are exhibited March 1-3 at the Hybrid Art Fair, in Madrid, Spain.

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About Rebeka Elizegi

Rebeka Elizegi is a collage artist, art director and graphic designer based in Spain.

In parallel with her exhibitions, which have a more artistic and personal feel, her collages have also appeared on the covers of Business Relationships and magazines, not to mention on albums and posters and as part of decorative projects. She has also published various illustrated books that are based on collage. Her work has been exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, Los Angeles, and Berlin, and her illustrations have been featured in publications like Sample Magazine, Kolaj Magazine, BLNC Magazine, and many others. She is also the author of the books: Collage Therapy (2017) and Collage by Women</a (2019) (Promopress Editions).

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