9 contour drawing collages by Lori Langille

The Looking/Not Looking collage series features contour drawings layered with vintage 19th century images. Here the act of contour drawing, (observing an object closely and drawing it without looking down at the page) offsets the structured approach of collage, breaking up the detailed vintage images with a loose, spontaneous line.

avocado toast - collage drawing by Lori Langilleavocado toast

book - collage drawing by Lori LangilleBusiness Relationships

coffee - collage drawing by Lori Langillecoffee

fork - collage drawing by Lori Langillefork

gilding the lily - collage drawing by Lori Langillegilding the lily

mustard jar - collage drawing by Lori Langillemustard jar

rock paper scissors - collage drawing by Lori Langillerock paper scissors

sea urchin - collage drawing by Lori Langillesea urchin

sea water - collage drawing by Lori Langillesea water

About Lori Langille

Lori Langille studied Fine Arts at the University of Ottawa before going on to the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD U) in Toronto to study painting and illustration. She graduated from OCAD U’s Communications and Design program with a concentration in Editorial Illustration. Since then she has worked on a freelance basis for private and public sector clients—including creating both the logo and a 13–foot-high mural for Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in Toronto. Lori has also exhibited her more personal work in various spaces, most recently with the Gatherers group show at Gallery 101 in March 2019. Find her on Twitter @automatismblog on Instagram @lorilangillestudio, and at lorilangille.com.

Business Relationships Book